Be Engaged

What is our Process?

Our process of building a relationship with our clients first begins with our initial meetings. These are done as a courtesy and at no cost to you. These meetings allow us to get to know each other. It helps us start to develop an understanding of what your goals are and how we can put together a comprehensive plan to help you achieve them.

It is important to us to spend a fair amount of time with you on the front end to ensure that you feel both comfortable and confident with us and the value we add. This allows you to have a good basis to make an informed decision to work with us or not.

We always tell people, if it does not seem like the right fit then we will simply part ways as friends and hope that we have provided you with some good information. If the fit feels right, then it will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship because we are on the same page.

Four Step Process

1. Get to Know You

We will delve into what your wants, needs, and goals are for the future and we will provide a brief description of our services and philosophies.

2. Let's Look at the Numbers

In this meeting we will run some retirement numbers and give you a high altitude view of where you are at. Chances are you are in a better position than you think.

3. How we add Value

The biggest enemy of great is good enough, and while you are most likely in a decent financial position, it may be better. This meeting is where we will discuss how we truly add value.

4. Finalize Relationship

This meeting is set to answer any additional questions you may have thought of throughout the meeting process and then to discuss the capacity of the relationship you would like to engage in with GR Financial Group, LLC.

What Should I Bring?

More than anything we want you to bring your questions. When you ask questions, it allows us to be on the same page. This is where we can help you the most. Below are some additional items you may consider bringing with you.

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